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Interview with F. Isabel Campoy by René Colato

renecolatoFelicidades for the wonderful book Maybe Something BEAUTIFUL. What is this picture book about?

Maybe Something Beautiful is the triumph of hope, and possibility. It is the assertiveness of identity, as the united voice of a community says: ¡Sí se puede! Yes, we can! It is also the recognition that the search for beauty is a powerful motivator for change, and that ART is a great tool to materialize it.

How did you get the idea to transform Rafael López real story into a picture book?

When Theresa and I talked about this idea we knew that there was more than a story to tell. There was a beautiful effort from a community to create change. Change of how they saw themselves and their physical surroundings, change from single to plural, change from prose to poetry. It took years for all of us, authors, illustrator, agents, and publishers, to materialize the idea and create these pages that are no longer just a children’s story, but evidence of the strength of will power.

How did you connect with Theresa Howell to write Maybe Something BEAUTIFUL?

She talks about it in her interview, it was such a “right encounter”. As a great editor she can recognize where there is a good story to tell, as a gifted writer, she knows how to tell it. I brought to our team those layers that Paulo Freire taught me to see when a human being is set to desire change. Rafael and Candice lead the way and something very beautiful was created.

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